Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I want

I want

to fly high like a bird
to swim deep like a fish
to flow freely like a river
to wander like a thought

no limits
no ifs
no buts
no yes
no no

to break free
to let go
to fly high
to swim deep
to be me

I am

a prisoner of my own thoughts
limited by my own self
bounded by my own belief

I want

to break free
to let go
to break free
to be me

composed on 27/12/06 at 1 am


नींद भरी आँखें
न सोती न जगती आँखें
न कुछ कह कर भी
सब कुछ कहती आँखें
रोज़ नये ख्वाब देखती आँखें
प्यार की खुशी से दमकती आँखें
यार के इंतज़ार में मचलती आँखे
नज़रों में लम्हात बटोरती आँखें
रोज़ कयी ख्वाब बुन्ति आँखें

गम में नम आँखें
टूटे ख्वाबों पर रोती आँखें
यार की जुदाई में उदास आँखें
अपने माज़ी को हर शय में खोजती आँखें
अश्कों को पलकों पर रोकती आँखें

मन का आईना हैं आँखें
ख्वाबों की तस्वीर हैं आँखें
झरोखा मेरी दुनिया का, ये आँखें
ये ख़ामोश आँखें, मेरी ख़ामोश आँखें

27/12/06 at 1 am

Friday, October 27, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

Trying Times

I have been in Media all through. Started with niche area and then joined a main stream media organization, but its only in last 1 year or so that I have actually understood what this profession is all about. Being an HR person, earlier I use to treat all people alike and for me they were employees… but now I can see a difference, they are foremost journalist and then an employee…

Being in HR I have also got a chance to interact and observe all kinds of people and from all genre. The veterans and the trainees on one side, those who have worked hard and made their name and place in the new media on the other side and also those who couldn’t care less about anything…

Therefore today I pen down what I feel about today’s time and manner. I feel that the time that one is exposed to today is the most difficult for anyone in this field. This time is the real test of a person’s desire, ambition, ethics and all those values that brought him or her into this field. The men will be separated from the boys… whose way it is going to be is to be seen then…

Let me give some background. Today, TV is a medium largely for entertainment. Therefore news on TV has also become a means of entertainment and it is viewed mostly for that. There seem to be very few takers for serious news. This has been revealed by the various viewer ship analysis done by our research team and also from various articles published in leading national dailies. The result is that the serious journalist gets very very frustrated. He/she does a good story but the same is not watched by masses and a freak entertainment program relating to bollywood gets the desired numbers… Slowly the motivation levels start going down. These are people who have contacts, who wish to take up issues, which are socially and politically relevant. They work on those lines and at the end of the day realize that these issue no longer matter to the public. People are not bothered. This is the hard reality and this is what all people in this profession are facing…

As per my observations there are three categories of people… One the veterans who are now channel heads, editors and hold responsible positions in media houses and take the decision of what will go on air or get published. The second category is those people who are the middle generation. These people got into this field inspired by our first category of people, who have seen the boom in media, who have seen the actual transition and who have through hard work made a name for themselves. The third and the last category of people are fresher, trainees, who have studied this medium after the boom, who decided to get into this, not out of any inspiration or any social cause but because they think it is glamorous because glamour is all that they have seen on TV, in print on net etc…

So what is it that makes times difficult for the journalist or those associated with these journalist. So what does this changed scenario do to the various kinds of people.

The veterans are faced with anguish, confusion and sometimes inability to take a correct decision. They are the ones who need adapting the most. They are the ones who take decisions and their decisions weigh on those below them… Though they may often wonder what is this that they are into but they are the ones who have the maturity to understand that this is the way ahead… To my mind, those in the business may often be facing pangs of frustration and my heart goes out to them because they can’t even complain… to whom will they go and complain anyway… they are the leaders…
Then comes the second category. These people are faced with a turmoil day in day out… they have hope that times will change. Serious news business will be back again. They have invested the former years of their career in learning the ways of journalism. The veterans from print and electronic media have been their mentors. To now suddenly accept that what they believed was journalism is not what people want to see or read, their entire existence seems to be in a state of confusion. They curse their seniors, the management, the media houses, they change jobs in the hope that the new place would do things differently and they still try to attempt stories, which are socially and politically relevant. When they succeed in their attempt, they get a ray of hope that things are not all that bad… The good thing is that they never give up. They fight day in and day out. They are carving out a path for the next generation, they still keep their networks alive, and they still break a story with the same passion… All they find difficult to do is to accept that the old days are gone forever.

However the saddest state of affairs is of the third category, the new entrants. Their foundation is the new age journalism, the world of glamour, hype and entertainment. Journalism that is shallow and that is based on quantity than quality. They are not to be blamed. This is all they can see all around them. This is what they learn, they practice and this is what they imbibe. In terms of work, they are the most productive and the happiest lot. There are no confusions in their mind and no turmoil. They never question the ethics of a story. They work on it because they have been taught that the people want to view/read these kinds of stories. Why would they then be in sad state of affairs? The reason is simple. They do not know and will never know what true journalism is all about. (If we were to believe that times ahead will remain like these). They have not worked as closely with the leaders and veterans of yesteryears. They have not seen the power of pen which can change the country opinion or which can dismantle governments. They have heard of these things, as those were the days… This does not imply in anyway that these people are not working or are a failure. In the times when they have joined the profession they are contributing in which ever way they can. However their shelf life will be shorter. People may not remember the journo of today after a couple of years. The monetary boom in the industry has got into the heads of most of the people and therefore the time most people are willing to invest in learning and establishing themselves has drastically come down. In effect a very sad state of affairs for this profession.

Whether the times prevalent are good or bad, are in the interest of this industry, this profession or not, we will have to wait and see. Which one of the three category (similar to three generations) of professionals will be the happier lot will also have to be seen. There is a lot to be seen and experienced in this industry. I have spent endless hours talking to people from all the three categories of people and I can be one with their anguish, their confusion and their dreams and their hopes. I am sure even if professionally I don’t remain in this industry, I will continue to be part of that society which craves for decent and relevant news. News we can use. Therefore either as an HR professional or as a viewer/reader, I will continue to track the changing mood of this industry. As of today I know for sure the mood is grim and the times are trying.

Shubhra Chaturvedi

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Am I what I really wanted to be...

I just read a thought posted by my friend on her msn spaces...She talked about how we end up behaving badly with people and how we are rude with telecallers etc... It took me to my experience...

I have been rude to tele callers, to people calling up for jobs... To people coming over to office without an appointment and asking for 5 mins.... I don't meet them... as if, if they had taken appointment I would have met them... I know I can't help them, I know I am pressed for time, I know I don't need credit cards or loans, yet I do all that and disappoint one or at times many people...

I remember the times when I was looking for a job and seeking appointments... I use to say when I become an HR manager I will definitely not be like them... Yet when I am on the other side... I think only of me and my time and all the manners etc go to a moral science book... I never wanted to be this way... but I also wonder in this age and time can one survive without being like that... I still wonder

In the effort to be what I want to be am I am loosing out on what I am or what I really wanted to be when I was younger??? I really wonder...

Heart out for Sachin

Sometime back Sachin Tendulkar was in news again for all the wrong reasons. He apparently got out for a score of 1. All the media was full of things like is it time for Sachin to be out... is he going the Ganguly way etc... Then he had a shoulder injury and was operated aupon... again the people went about should he retire...? Should he retire like Steve Waugh or will he go the Gavaskar and Kapil Dev way... My heart went out to him. When a guy makes hundreds of runs its ok but if he happens to be out for 1 then he is over... A guy who has shouldered the expectations of millions of people the world over all these years and yet managed to keep his head over his shoulders and perform wonders is being put in the docket again and again... Its just unfair...I feel like shouting to the world pls give him a break, whenever this kind of talks sprung up.
On the other hand his critics say that he is a public figure and we have all the right to comment on him and his future and to write both good and bad... I completely agree but then there is a limit to it all and more than that I feel more negative is spread than the positive. When he scores a ton, it is what is expected of him but when he goes for a duck then he is finished. This negativism irks me a lot...
I really hope people understand whatr he is what he has done and what he is capable of doing and treat him with more respect than they do now.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Big deal about Bush

All of yday evg and the whole of today the country, specially the media is going beserk on Bush reaching India.... I understand that its not everyday that US president visits India... but then this president is not worth all this hype...

how can we forget 9/11.... it was his govt's security lapse and intelligence failure that led it to happen.... then Afganistan war.... Iraq war... At Iraq he had no agenda of his own but was just fulfilling his dad's agenda... how can we forget the human right's commissions reports on how american soldiers are treating the iraqi prisoners...

This man is no reformer....

If we as a country want to fight for justice and stand for what is right than we cannot and should not treat him so highly. I understand that economically we need US and they need us, but then we should also speak against them when they are out there to kill innocent people and just capture states....

When Clinton was here as President, I just was too ecstatic that he had visited India. But Bush's visit and the hype is not the same.... India should have more self respect and not do things under pressure of the US. We are no less and we have done fairly well economically and scitifically. We need to keep are nation's head high....

Finally I am here....

I have views on so many things in life but no place or platform to share... For any current topic I would have my views as well but no discussion forum. I would get ideas at the weirdest of times and moments when I can't even write in my diary.... and finally today i have after much procastination created my own blog...

when i was deciding a name for my blog I thot of all sensible names but all were taken and then i came with this one... "kabtak"

sounds quite apt... I want to use this space to pen my thots on everything around me from Jessica lal, to Bush visit to cricket frenzy to the changing media scenario to the changing value system and everything else....

Life around us is so full of activity.... and i am amazed how the surroundings with so much happenings never really bothered me earlier... we all are so preoccupied in our own lives that the social structure and all that is woven around it never crossed my horizons. I never realised why i am a supporter of a particular political party... why I like A person and hate B person, why I feel the way I do for women's rights or tribal issues or art and heritage issues.... I just use to say things heard and understood from elders....
I never bothered to understand the dynamics of this society, of the city or the country or why people feel the way they do about things...

Der se hi sahi par ab bahut kuch samajh aane laga hai... apne bare main aur samaaj ke bare main... hence the desire to pen my thots.... joining aajtak has alot to do with this transformation... so i hope to see myself here often... and the "kabtak may some day become abtak"