Saturday, July 21, 2007


In front of thousands or more
I surrendered
I held her hand,
brought her home
She was called my wife.

She too submitted
to me and my family

marriage was consummated
I made love
She lost her virginity.

We were now man and wife
I followed all rituals
like all couples do.

Now she even bears my child
but lord oh lord there is another
who bears my soul.

Shubhra, 17th June 07

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Single Woman

whatever their status
married or single

whatever their age
old or young
want her

the married ones
envy her space
her freedom
the younger ones
idolize her success
her independence

worry and silently hope

prefer her to her married counterparts

count on her for her availability

They see
they see it all
yet they don't see much

most wanted
and yet she feels so unwanted.

Goes back at night to
an empty house
an empty bed

sleeps cuddled with her teddy bear
waking up alone to another day

gets ready
puts on her best dress
and that dab of mascara

with the mask on
she is now ready to face life again

to conquer a few more hearts
to be wanted again

Shubhra 17th March, 2007 edited on July 3, 2007