Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"Love you" doesn't mean love anymore!!

We live in strange times
what is seen is never shown
what is heard, never said
what is felt is not what's expressed

"Love you" doesn't mean love anymore
"hate you" doesn't mean hate either
"sorry" is no longer a regret
"thank you" no more an expression of gratitude

"I am ok" never means things are alright
and nothing is well in "I am well" and "all is well"
"nice" no longer is so nice, and
"that's ridiculous" may not be that bad

A lifetime is spent deciphering meanings
Reading between the lines and
looking beyond the words
Is a skill essential

straightforward conversations
are rare
life status always

We live in strange times...here
"Love you" doesn't mean love

(c) shubhra
December 24, 2015


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