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When they met…

They met like the raindrops
meet the parched earth.
They embraced,
her face fitting perfectly between
the curves of his back.
Her arms around his waist and
his arms on hers,
talking about everything
till the seconds converted into minutes
and minutes into hours.
together till the sun set and
the moon came knocking.
They loved, laughed, talked and cried…
till her tears and his sweat
merged and
there was nothing
but some salt
between them.
They were together again,
and between them the time melted
and the moments froze.

June 28, 2008

I posses her…

I beat her to death
or near death
the pink skin is no more pink
its red and blue
her body does not smell of jasmine
it smells of blood
after I am exhausted and done
I cannot take her anymore
then there I lie with her
soaked in her blood and in my sweat
I possess her at that moment
her limpless body and lifeless soul
something I could not do when she was alive

I had given her 24 hours
to run the last lap of her life
to do whatever she wanted
to say hellos and if need be some byes...
to express thanks or to say sorry...
24 hours was all she had
after that she would never be the same

I had told her very clearly
don't know if she believed me
but now she lies there spent and over
I feel victorious
I finally possess her
no one can take her away now, no one!!!

September 26, 2008

तुम इतने परेशान क्यूँ हो बाबू?

तुम इतने परेशान क्यूँ हो बाबू?
आओ हमारे आँगन मॅ
ज़रा खंबे से टेक लगा कर बैठो.
थोड़ी ठंडी हवा मॅ साँस लो
तुलसी वाली चाय बनाती हूँ
पियोगे ना?

आओ तुम्हारे सर मॅ
नारियल का तेल लगा दूँ.
आँख बंद करो और दे दो
माथे कि लकीरें मुझे
कॉंट्रॅक्टर से जो झगड़ा करके आए हो
वो भी दे दो
एक सफेद चादर बिछा देती हूँ
गयी रात घर मॅ हुई नोक झोक,
बंद ना होने वाली फोन कि घंटी,
दफ़्तर मॅ पड़े काग़ज़ के ढेर,
बहन के रिश्ता कि जाँच,
वो बरामदे का फ्यूज़ बल्ब,
गाड़ी का डेँट,
घर का पैंट,
वो नया काम,
मकान मालिक का नोटीस,
और बाकी सब
डाल दो इस सफेद चादर मॅ
बाँध दो सब एक साथ
अपनी सारी परेशानियाँ
एक पोटली मॅ
और छोड़ दो मेरे आँगन मॅ

सारा बोझ उतार कर
हल्का महसूस करोगे
शायद वो मुस्कुराहट
अपना रास्ता वापस ढूढ़ ले
शायद चाल मॅ वो तेज़ी लौट आए
झुके हुए कंधे उठ जाए
और चेहरे कि चमक उजागर हो जाए
शायद तुम अपने आप से दोस्ती कर लो,
ये पोटली यहीं छोड़ दो
मेरे पास,
खुद से खुद को आज़ाद कर लो
और इतने परेशान मत हो बाबू.

शुभ्रा, May 23, 2008

Peace with Sun

The sun scorched earth
and they simmered.
Some got burnt, some dried
some just cried.
Some hid in a shady corner, some indoors,
some under the green cover,
lifeless and limp
vigor lost.

Then came rains
to ease their pain.
The first showers cleansed the body,
the next their soul.

My plants, my dear plants…

Today it rained
They again go green
regain their lost sheen
Full of joy, smiling from ear to ear
Leaves flirt with each other
dancing to the rhythm of rain drops
Their wait has come to an end
Then the rain stopped
there was calm
They had made peace with the sun.

Shubhra. June 2007.

It rained this morning

It rained this morning.
The rainwater on the parched earth,
emanated an earthy fragrance.
Wind danced like a little girl
and the lightning illuminated the sky

4 O' Clock in the morning
nature was enacting a play.
I got up, a willing audience.
The breeze tugged at my heart
the earthy fragrance reminded me of you.

Suddenly I missed you
how I wished we could have watched
this play together
and then joined in as actors
adding our own script, making our own music.

This morning it really rained,
it was beautiful
it still is...

shubhra 1st April, 2008 8.00 am

किसने कहा

किसने कहा कि ज़िंदगी आसान होगी
पर सोचो ज़रा इतनी मुश्किल भी तो नही
घास पे ना चले तो क्या
पर सीखा संभालना हमने पथर पे चलके ही

किसने कहा कि ज़िंदगी आसान होगी
पर सोचो तो इतनी मुश्किल भी नही
सीखा है संभालना पत्थरों पे चलके
पर ऐसा नही कि घास के काबिल भी नही

शुभ्रा, जन्वरी 29 2008

This night

The night is dark and quite.
The wind is cool and full of
fragrance of the approaching morn.
By the smell of it, it seems
it has rained somewhere
or within someone.

Its just before dawn
the retreating night and the flirting wind engulfs me,
I feel as if you are somewhere near and
in your fantasy you are embracing me
taking me in your arms,
filling my soul with your love.

This night reminds me of you.Shubhra, 20th March 2008 4.30 am

Can you stop life?

Once a broad shady road it was. The outer ring road. Pipal and Neem trees on the sides, the dividers with flowery shrubs like bougainvillea and madhumalti. It was a lovely drive. Red signals were a pain but they gave time to admire the beauty of these age-old wonders.

Then they thought of development. Building some more flyovers and subways and some high capacity bus service too. They ruthlessly chopped the trees, some of which were older than their own existence. The once shady beauty was now only lifeless brown trunk fenced by a tin enclosure. Each time one passed the heart went out to these trees. The question lurking large was, is this the price for development?

Then one fine March morning, as I passed the same road and what do we see? There are these tiny light green shoots, leaves, and saplings shooting out from the brown trunks. Life had sprung again. These tiny little things were shining, dancing with the wind and whispering their music in the spring breeze. As if they were shou…

Known or Unknown

Heartbeat vacillates like
the graphic equalizer of an audio system.

A rush of blood
Face, ears feel the heat; turn red
muscles get taut
limbs tremble

A lurking fear
or the thrill
of the known or the unknown?

Shubhra, 8th Jan, 2008

एक दुआ

हर एक रिश्ता
बेईमान है आजकल
खुद से है जो रिश्ता
कम से कम उसमे
कायम रखें ईमान


29th Nov, 07