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Why a woman's day?

Why do you need a day to celebrate and recognize women?
What about the remaining 364 days?
Is a woman any less important on the remaining days?
Is she not worth 365 days of celebration and recognition?

Oh you foolish women...
Stop being dependent on a day
to celebrate yourself
You are worth each moment of your existence


Oh you selfish men...
Wakeup and look around.
You would not exist
if the woman didn't.

Shubhra 8th March 2007

Mind of its own

I wonder
What happened?
How did this happen?
and why?
Neither intended
nor proposed
Not in the scheme of things.
Yet, I came this far
I had plans
set to reason.
How then did this happen?
Wonder I did
and then it dawned.
The mind makes plans,
sets them to logic.
But the heart?
Well, it has a mind
of its own.

Shubhra 26th February, 2007