Tuesday, December 11, 2018


If love was a poem
a haiku it would be 
say little feel a lot

If love was clay
bowl it would be 
holding within it all

If love was moon
a full or a new crescent
beautiful and surreal

If love was sunshine
hues of sunrise or of winter afternoon
golden, warm and soft

If love was a painting 
Van Gogh's strokes
spontaneous, colourful with
hopes, dreams and agony

If love was a rain
a lightning thunderstorm at night
and downpour; 
a live concert.. 

If love was a hug
bear hug it would be 
embracing with all it has

If love made love
slowly and passionately move
feeling each nook and corner
before erupting in an orgasm

If love was her
a glow in the eyes, halo of white hair
a  song in the heart... 
gorgeous from core

If love was you...
a laughter that grips
a smile that stirs the soul
a heart that melts...

or wait

If love was you...
it wouldn’t be love anymore
logs of wood chopped from once beautiful Pine
now simmering to ash on a cold winter night

If love was anything it could be
a treasure it would be
of joys, trauma and memories
of promises and betrayals 

Love was and love is...
a poetic Question!

(c) shubhra

10th December, 2018